We have some bad news for our Kington fans. Redbones has decided 
 that they will no longer have live bands and have cancelled our
 show this weekend and the one in November.
 We are very sorry to bring this bit of bad news to our fans in that area.

 Come see us at Smoky Mountain Brewery in Maryville on Nov 14th. 

 Looking for a band for your 2014 event? 
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 Come see what some are calling one of the best bands in East Tennessee. 

 NEWS FLASH - We are now playing more music with less breaks! 
 Just one more reason to book 3CD for your next event! 

 Here is the latest "Kickin' Klip of the Week". 
   "3CD Live Slide Show"  

NOW BOOKING FOR 2014. Reserve your dates today! 

Please click HERE or go to our Available Dates/Booking page
for a list of available 2014 dates.

If you want to know more about 3CD, our bio and other info are located on our Press Kit page.

Special Thanks
To all of our fans, both new and those who have been following us for sometime now, we really appreciate each and everyone of you for taking the time to come out and party with us. You are what makes all of this possible.

Pictures from previous gigs can be found on the Photo page.

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